Anonymous asked: just curious, but do you keep a physical journal to write in, or is tumblr your main place to write about your personal life?

Oh, I keep one of course. A very detailed, much raw, unedited version of my life and the things I don’t normally show people on the daily. There are parts of my life I would like to keep private, just for the heck of keeping it mine and just mine. 

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I changed my blog name


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I stopped writing to you. It wasn’t a decision, I just haven’t been able to conjure up anything worthy of your time for you to read. Every word is weighted, every word is important; special because these words are to you, about you, for you. But lately I’ve just stared blankly at this page; my fingertips itching to write but all that comes out is misery. My mind is just cluttered with misery and I’m not able to say any more than that. I’m coping, but just give me time.

One day, I will no longer find the need to write about you. 

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